Welcome to my first foodie post! I saw this on another blog and thought they were adorable. The best part is that they are so simple to make and involve no oven.

Ingredients are simple

Mini nutter butter cookies

Hershey kisses

Chocolate chips

Cookie icing for the glue

It was a fun project and my only issue was trying not to eat all the Hershey kisses


There is no truer expression then “you are only as happy as your unhappiest child” Even though my kids are grown and on their own that still applies. It breaks my heart when one of my kids hits a bump in the road. It is a part of life and learning and I have found out they need to learn that for themselves. I have zero tolerance for self pity. It solves nothing and will not make anything better. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.Easier said then done-maybe -but the alternative will solve nothing.

A successful career is important to both my kids but I hope they realize that falling in love is more important. Of course we need money to survive but somehow life is better when you are in love and not alone. I am sure there may be some that disagree with that but then maybe they have never been in love.

Not ready to post family pictures yet so here is the one ‘child’ that never gives me trouble!

A group of us from   the W.T. Clarke High School Class of 1969 got together to celebrate us each  turning sixty. It was a 42nd class reunion of sorts and lots of fun. Some people were totally unrecognizable and others looked exactly the same. Luckily we made copies of year book photos and put them in plastic sleeves to be worn around the neck.

We met at Borelli’s Pizzeria where many of us hung out on Friday nights and others such as yours truly went for pizza dinners with the family.

A highlight of the day was a visit from our now 88 year old principal and one of our Social Studies teachers, who was also football coach. It was a day filled with memories and reminiscing.

We really have Facebook to thank for the reconnecting of most of us.

Everyone is looking forward to celebrating our 45th class reunion in 2014.

This is my first post and I am very unsure how to get it set up, so forgive me if it is less then perfect. I thought I would start with a brief explanation of the title “The Sensational Sixties”.

In November I will celebrating my 60th birthday. So I honestly don’t know just how sensational the sixties are. Let’s just say I am hoping for the best.

It’s scary to think of myself as 60. It sounds old. I don’t feel old and unless I pull out the magnifying mirror, I don’t think I look all that old, but old I am.

So I will not pull out that nasty mirror and keep on keeping on and hope the next 60 years are better then the last!

Soon as I figure this thing out I will post a photo and let you be the judge!